1966 Volvo 122 122S Amazon Coupe

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Technical specifications

Fuel Type:Gasoline
Interior Color:Black
Number of Cylinders:4
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This is a great opportunity. I started working on this car about 4 years ago. I had originally purchased it for my daughter. One thing led to another, and the next thing you know the car is completely disassembled. My daughter eventually gave up on me and bought a 240. Anyhow, I stripped the car to a bare shell. Being a California car, there was virtually no rust. Even the floorboards were sound.
I probably invested about $10,000 in parts. Everything is new, except for the electric overdrive. I bought that used from a chap who said it was good. Is it? I have no idea. Given my druthers, I'd take it apart and verify it. I had the driveshaft shortened and balanced. The rear-end was removed, cleaned, resealed, etc.
The car has new lowering springs, all new polyurethane bushings, new rotors, calipers, hard and soft lines I converted to a Miata dual master cylinder with adjustable proportioning valve.
Wheels are tires are new. Bumpers are either new or rechromed. As I recall most of the bumperettes are new and the bumpers themselves were chromed. The car has new paint with a ghost stripe. The paint looks good, but I did it myself andwellI did it myself. I think it looks nice and everyone who has seen it has been impressed.
The entire electrical system is new. I built a custom board with a sequencing relay for the electric overdrive. It's actuated by a custom shift knob and lever. The wire runs inside the custom lever, which has been chromed.
The alternator is a 1-wire GM. This is where I left off. The electrical part is done, but I hadn't quite finished aligning the alternator.
I have brand-new door panels and OEM-style carpet, and a new headliner all in boxes. I have nice seats out of a 140. The interior was originally green, so the backseat and rear upholstery is green, original, and in nice condition. I have quite a few new parts still in boxes. In fact, I do not believe the car requires parts that I don't have. I wouldn't swear to that, but I went a bit crazy ordering every item I could think of from VP.
I believe my workmanship is top-notch. I never take shortcuts. As an example, the aftermarket wheels are much thicker than the stock steel wheels. The original lug bolts were too short to be safe, so I installed ARP lug bolts of the correct length.
What else? All the rubber molding is new. Dash is new. Oh yeahI built a custom dash. As I recall, all the instruments works except the speedometer. I have a new speedo cable, but need a custom adaptor to connect to the aftermarket gauge. I believe someone like A1 Electric and Speedometer can make an adapter. The electric overdrive and/or transmission has a leak. I spent zero time trying to diagnose the problem. Hmmmgas tank is new. Kinda dumb as the original looked okay once I pulled it out of the car. Like I said, I got carried away.
I did start the car after rebuilding the engine. Speaking of theengineit has a new header, Weber carb, and trick electronicdistributor with vacuum advance. I started it, it sounded good, andit's never been started since. That was over a year ago.
Exhaust system is new. It's a sport exhaust specially made for the 122 from VP.
This is really a cool car. I would hire an upholstery shop to install the headliner and reupholster the seats so they match. The green upholstery that goes around the back seat area can be dyed black. The front door cards are new. There is new carpet in a box. Align the , alternator, fix the transmission leak, hookup the speedotune and tweakI think that's about it. At the time I stopped working on it, I felt like I was about 2 weeks away from the finish line.
Then I moved. And then I spent the last 18 months in Korea. On January 18 I am slated to return to Korea for another year. Which may turn into 2. I hate to say it, but for the first time in my life I will not have finished something I started.
I am hoping that the car can be sold and arrangements made to have the car out of my garage by January 16. It is possible my Dad can come over if shipping can't be arranged that quickly. I have no time to arrange shipping, so that is up to the buyer.
Also, while I tried my best to be completely honest about the car, it's been nearly 2 years since I last worked on it.

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